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Intermittent issue with accessing My Grades link in Blackboard

There is an intermittent issue when accessing My Grades link from the Blackboard Welcome Screen/My Institution page or the Global Navigation menu (upper right on home page).  Some students are receiving an error message.  We are actively working with Blackboard … Continue reading

Issue with Submitting Final Grades Resolved:

The issue with submitting final grades has been resolved. If you are still experiencing any issues please submit a trouble ticket or call the Drake Support Center at 515-271-3001.

Support Center Phones Fixed

The issue with the Support Center phones is now resolved. The Support Center can again be reached by 515-271-3001, as well as by  submitting a trouble ticket or starting a live-chat using the links on the dts.drake.edu website.

Support Center Phones

The Drake Support Center (515-271-3001) is temporarily unable to receive phone calls. Those needing support are advised to submit a trouble ticket or start a live-chat session with Support Center staff using the links on the dts.drake.edu website.