DTS campus interaction diagram


Adding Printing Funds – Preferred Method

There are two methods to add printing funds, but due to technical difficulties the papercut method is not currently available. We anticipate this method will be restored. Until the papercut method is restored we encourage that you add funds through … Continue reading

Resolved: Blueview, myDusis and DUSIS Outage

The earlier reported outage has been resolved, all systems are back up and functional.

Blueview, myDusis and Banner Outage

There is currently an outage that impacts blueview, myDusis and Banner. DTS staff are working with the vendor to identify a fix. As more information is available we will post updates. Email is available directly at http://outlook.com/drake.edu Blackboard is available … Continue reading

DTS Maintenance

Starting at 6am, all BANNER PRODUCTION SYSTEMS will be down. These systems include: BANNER (Database and forms), BlueView (and all links within BlueView such as DSAP, Online Balloting, etc), MyDUSIS, and Workflow.