Who to Contact

The Support Center provides assistance with general technology questions, network connectivity, application support and printing.

  • Phone 515-271-3001
  • Submit a ticket
  • Walk-in Visits: Lower level of Carnegie Hall.

College and School IT Staff

Drake Technology Services Staff

Matthew Holub Director, Application Services, 1-515-271-2325

Clancy, Paul Database Administrator III, 802-888-8502
Dunnick, Michael Programmer Analyst I, 1-515-271-3124
Graham, Doug Programmer Analyst III, 515-271-2166
Saxena, Chandni Programmer Analyst I, 1-515-271-3821
Severs, Don Database Administrator II, 1-515-271-4179
Spoon, Tyler Database Administrator I, 1-515-271-4105
Woodard, Donna Programmer Analyst III, 1-515-271-2290

Sabin, Jeff DirectorInfrastructure/Security Services, 1-515-271-2935

Cox, Larry Network Engineer 2, 1-515-271-3641
Fucaloro, Mike Network Engineer 2, 1-515-271-4735
Hector, Ben Network Engineer 2, 1-515-271-2347
Mielke, Chris Network Engineer 3, 1-515-271-4640
Perin, Mike Network Engineer 3, 1-515-271-2802
Ramaley, Dan Network Engineer 2, 1-515-271-4540
Jensen, Bill Network Engineer 2, 1-515-271-3065
Johnson, Patsy Network Engineer 1, 1-515-271-2453

Kass, Ken Director, Client Support Services, 1-515-271-4007

Clark, William User Support Analyst I, 515-271-3001
Heijerman, TomUser Support Analyst II 1-515-271-3001
Hess, SuzanneLearning Management System Analyst
Hilscher, Jerome, Learning Technology Specialist 515-271-2415
McNab, James Multimedia Producer, 1-515-271-2842
Purcell, Chris Web Services Specialist, 515-271-2356
Reeves, Rob User Support Analyst II, 515-271-3214
Strum, Matt Classroom Support Analyst, 1-515-271-4039
Jacob Thompson User Support Analyst I, 515 271 3001
Toussaint, Brad Technology Projects Specialist, 1-515-271-2687
Wu, James User Support Analyst II, 1-515-271-4696
Griffin, Stephanie Telecommunications Specialist, 1-515-271-1811
Spear, Lola Console Operator, 1-515-271-2011