Blackboard 8 for Students

Blackboard version 8 system allows students to download course materials, interact with fellow students, take tests, submit assignments, and check on grades.  Blackboard allows users to communicate easily with the professor and fellow classmates, and has other options available to increase student learning.

Use your Drake ID to log into the Drake Blackboard version 8 gateway using a compatible web browser. An online user manual is available via the Tools menu within every course.

Teaching tools – Students: Some professors use clickers, Respondus LockDown Browser and other teaching resources during their courses.

How to Guide for Blackboard v8?

Below are detailed directions on how to do certain functions inside Blackboard (BB) v8.

  • Log into Blackboard v8 – These directions include an alternative login method to allow access during BlueView maintenance days (typically Friday afternoons).  If you cannot find your Blackboard course, please view the Known Issues for Blackboard for Students link.
  • Submit an Assignment in BB – Professors are using Assignment links inside of Digital Dropbox inside Blackboard.  If you are having problems uploading an assignment file, please view the Known Issues for Blackboard for Students link.
  • Submit Discussion Board thread (post) and reply – Find out how to post and reply to discussion board forums inside Blackboard.
  • Enter a Blog post and comment in BB – Find out how to post and comment on blogs inside Blackboard.
  • Create a Wiki entry and comment in BB – Group project, no problem with a wiki and find out how to add a wiki entry and pages.  Don’t have a Wiki, ask your professor to set one up for you.
  • Send emails inside BB v8 – Find out how to quickly send emails to your classmates or professor(s) inside Blackboard.
  • Checking your Grades in BB or blueView portal – If your professors uses Blackboard, you can check your grade throughout the semester.  If you want to check your official midterm and final grades, please check blueView portal.

Why am I am experiencing issues with Blackboard v8.0?

Blackboard v8.0 requires a special certificate and some operating systems, antivirus and web browser settings will affect the successful launch (functionality) of Blackboard.  Blackboard v8.0 was created in 2007, since this time operating systems and web browsers have advanced which could cause issues in Drake’s Blackboard system.  If you need additional assistance, please contact the Support Center.

  • Known Issues inside Blackboard v8 for Students
  • Here are some troubleshooting directions:
    • Use a Blackboard certified web browser
    • Double check your Java is updated to v1.6 (or 6) or cleaned out
    • Make sure your computer operating system and programs are up-to-date
    • Clean out your web browser cookies for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari browsers
    • If you are using Internet Explorer v8 or v9, please enable Compatibility Mode inside the browser

If you need additional assistance, please contact the Support Center.