Clickers for Students

Important things to remember:

  1. Students may be asked to have a clicker for any class.  Students will be expected to purchase the clicker, which can then be used throughout their time at Drake. Another option is to purchase a license for the Responseware app on your mobile device (the download is free but there is a fee to registrar/activate the app).
  2. Turning Technologies has been selected as Drake’s clicker provider.
  3. While Responseware licenses are available which permit a laptop, IPod or IPhone to be used as a clicker, students are cautioned that some instructors do not permit use of these technologies in their classes.  Thus, a student who has purchased a license might still be required to buy a clicker for a specific class.

Information and Directions for Clickers:

For further assistance with clicker devices, please contact customer support toll-free at 1-866-746-3015 or by email at

Responseware Information

Drake Law School students are required to purchase and use Responseware for their classes.  Responseware app is free to download, but registering the account costs are as follows:  1 year is $17.50, 2 year is $31.50, and 4 year is $35.00.

  • Information about purchasing a Responseware license (and creating a Responseware account) for your mobile device (app) and Drake’s code is 7iYu
  • The instructor needs to create and give students the Session ID to link your Responseware account (answers)

For further information about Responseware, please contact Turning Technologies Technical support toll-free at 1-866-746-3015, create a ticket, or by email at