Digital Media Services

  • Studio & Field Production, Post Production and DVD Authoring:  Services include consultation and script development, full HD production capability, graphics, animation and rotoscoping design as well full audio creating and editing capabilities.
    To request services: Production and Authoring
  • Media Duplication/Format Conversion: Bulk duplication of formats is available to assist in media delivery or preservation, as well as format conversions to keep your media library up-to-date.
    To request services: Duplication/Conversion
  • Campus CableNet Programming: A select group of closed-circuit, campus-wide cable channels are available for use for distance learning and video presentations.
  • The College Channel: Drake University, along with it’s partner institutions in The Des Moines Consortium for Higher Education (Grand View College and DMACC), creates, coordinates and delivers educational programming to the Greater Des Moines Area on Mediacom Digital Cable. Distance learning classes, campus announcements and student programming are available 24 hours a day.