DTS Governance: DUIT

Our Mission

The Drake Drake Technology Services is committed to providing valuable, reliable, and cost effective infrastructure, software and technology services while working to educate the Drake community on the best use of technology, in the pursuit and support of the University’s Mission and Vision.

The Drake University Information Technology (DUIT) Steering Committee was launched in Spring 2012 and endorsed by the Dean’s Council as a broad-based committee charged with the coordination and review of campus-wide IT services, resource allocation, project implementations, and communication. It was formed in support of the following propositions:

  • Governing IT resources and investments is a foundational best practice.
  • IT operations and resources must be aligned to the Drake Strategic Plan.
  • Recommendation no. 29 from the Assessment of the Drake University Drake Technology Services Client Services Department, January 2011, states, in part - “An effective information technology governance structure is critical to ensure that technology policies and decisions reflect the needs of the University community”.
  • Insights noted in the Introduction to the Drake IT Infrastructure Readiness Assessment Report, Spring 2011 - “While this study was to primarily focus on IT infrastructure and not stray into areas of governance,policy, and leadership, it is hard to completely and cleanly separate the two. So while the majority of the report examines the core IT infrastructure, there are themes or comments that address strategic priorities, university policy, process and workflow, and organizational alignment, or lack thereof”.
  • Recommendations by KPMGs Drake University – IT General Controls Review – Audit Report issued March 2010 - “There are two foundational opportunities the University should consider to help ensure the long-term success of any remediation plans regarding Information Technology at Drake: (1) Determining the correct level of DTS authority and responsibility to help ensure policies and procedures are consistently applied and operations are efficiently and effectively supporting University objectives. This will likely require a cultural transition at the college and department level if DTS is to be viewed as the primary technology service provider. (2) Developing an Information Technology strategy to better align existing and future technology capabilities with the needs of students, faculty, alumni and business partners of Drake.”
  • The Drake Strategic Technology Plan FY 11 – FY 13


  • Responsible for reviewing and prioritizing all project and service requests that are presented to DTS for strategic value and operational feasibility, including:
    • user & technical requirements definition,
    • implementation resourcing,
    • user support,
    • communication needs,
    • application development, enhancement, or customization,
    • alignment to university strategic planning.
  • Guides oversight and development of the Drake Strategic Technology Plan, including review of budget planning to support alignment to the campus strategic plan.
  • Functions in an oversight advisory role to campus-wide technology implementations where no other suitable stakeholder body is identified or exists.


  • DUSIS: Data Stewardship & ERP Planning
  • ITSA: Security & Policy
  • Academic Tech Advisory: Teaching, Learning & Scholarship (to be established))
  • Campus Techs: Infrastructure Review & Planning
  1. Athletics (1)
  2. College of Arts & Sciences, Campus Tech
  3. College of Arts & Sciences, TBD
  4. College of Business and Public Affairs, Campus Tech
  5. College of Business and Public Affairs, TBD
  6. College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Campus Tech
  7. College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, TBD
  8. Cowles Library, Campus Tech
  9. Cowles Library, TBD
  10. DUSIS Team Leaders (1)
  11. Faculty Senate (1)
  12. Marketing & Communication (1)
  13. Office of the Provost, Dean of Students (1) permanent
  14. Office of the Provost, TBD
  15. Office of the Provost, TBD
  16. School of Education, Campus Tech
  17. School of Education, TBD
  18. School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Campus Tech
  19. School of Journalism and Mass Communication, TBD
  20. School of Law, Campus Tech
  21. School of Law, TBD
  22. Student Senate (1)
  23. VP for of Admissions (1)
  24. VP Alumni & Development (1)
  25. VP Business & Finance (1)
  26. VP Business & Finance (1)