Clickers for Students (TP Cloud)

In Spring 2015, Drake updated to Turning Point Cloud.  This transition will make the software more secure as well as improve the usefulness and functionality of the software system.

Update to TP Cloud impacts Current and New Students:

Current students who have already purchased older versions of clickers may or may not be able to use them with the new TuringPoint (TP) Cloud software and receivers.  Check with your instructors to verify if you will need to update to the new clickers. Below is information about how to upgrade to the new clickers at a reduced cost.

If instructors require students to register the clicker inside Blackboard (BB), please read the following information:

  • New studentspurchase new clickers for $75 which includes a 4-year license for a ResponseWare app/TP Cloud account
  • Current students have 2 options:
    1. At Drake Bookstore, purchase new clicker by returning old clicker of $10 with a $15 mail-in-rebate with receipt with new clicker purchase (see DrakeUniversity-RebateOffer_QT2014) and the new clicker includes a 4-year license for a ResponseWare app/TP Cloud account
    2. Keep old clicker and purchase a year license for $15-20 at Drake Bookstore or at website (Need Drake’s school code, which is 7iYu)

For further details about purchasing student clickers, please contact Drake Bookstore (Donna Hallstrom) by phone at 1-800-430-9875 or Turning Technologies website at (Drake University TurningPoint Rep is Greg Thomas).

Important things to remember:

  1. Turning Technologies (TurningPoint software) has been selected as Drake’s clicker (student response system) provider.
  2. Students may be required to have a clicker or ResponseWare app (TP Cloud account) for any class.  If required, students will be expected to purchase the clicker (or ResponseWare license), which can be used throughout their time at Drake.
    • Responseware app (TP Cloud account) on your mobile device (the download is free but there is a fee to register/activate the app with TP Cloud).
    • Responseware app and TP Cloud accounts are synced together and very similar
  3. While Responseware licenses are available which permit a laptop or a mobile device (iOS or andriod) to be used as a clicker, students are cautioned that some instructors do not permit use of these technologies in their classes.  Thus, a student who has purchased a license might still be required to buy a clicker for a specific class.

Information and Directions for Clickers Contact Turning Technologies:

For additional help, contact Turning Technologies Technical Support. Technical Support is available from 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. EST.

From within the contiguous United States, you can reach Technical Support toll-free by calling 866.746.3015. If you are calling from outside of the United States, please call +1 330.746.3015.

Technical Support may also be reached via e-mail at or, a brand of Turning Technologies.

TP Cloud account/ResponseWare app Information:

Responseware app (TP Cloud account) is free to download, but licensing/registering the account costs are as follows:  1 year is $15.00, 2 year is $20.00, and 4 year is $32.00.

  • Information about purchasing a Responseware license (and creating a Responseware account) for your mobile device (app) and Drake’s code is 7iYu
  • The instructor needs to create and give students the Session ID to link your Responseware account (answers)

For further information about Responseware app/TP Cloud account, please contact Turning Technologies Technical support toll-free at 1-866-746-3015, create a ticket, or by email at