CCUMC Event – Brad Toussaint visits UNLV and comes away with a lot of information.

Brad Toussaint recently attended the CCUMC (Consortium of College and University Media Centers) Conference.  CCUMC institutional members consist of directors, managers and supervisors in media and academic technology departments located at various higher education institutions throughout the United States and Canada.  The corporate members consist of individuals who are located at various commercial enterprises that support the mission and goals of CCUMC.

This conference allows for efficient networking and building connections with technology staff in institutions like Drake.  Learning what challenges and initiatives others a re experiencing and learning from their successes and failures.  Sessions included some of the following topics:

* Audio for the classroom

This was a high end technical course in design processes, installation, testing and usage of audio system in the classroom.  Concept on how to select the right amplification device, correct impedance matching inputs and balanced speaker output to minimize poor room characteristics and multiple speaker interference’s.

* Considerations for Selecting and Providing Circulating Equipment

Panelist reported about how their reserve checkout inventories have changed.  Quanities of items have increased, usage of portable technology has dramatically increased but become specialized.  User have the general core portable devices but institutions need to support the specialized or more costly devices.  Managing the check out/in process tended to be the item that caused the effectiveness of the resources to either succeed or fail.  Underfunding of the devices and support structure generally delivered a failed system.

* Applying commissioning throughout the AV project

Developing spec and continuous project monitoring to constantly evaluate the projects and implementation for a successful end user system.  The end punch list should not be a discovery event of what is not “done or right”.  This session addressed the process to put in place to crate on-going evaluation of projects at each milestone.

* Balancing work and life

This presenter was fantastic.  He explained many reasons for needing a balance of work & life and how important it was to the employer and staff member to a successful support system.  He explained plans for work and life forecasting, planning, focus and fun.  Also on attention to task while building connections and relationships, then reflection on processes and improving one self.

* Designing spaces for collaboration

This started with what to do and not to do when designing collaborative spaces.  Then transisioning to what actually needs to occur in these open and closed spaces.  Why there is a need for different types of collaboration spaces and how to effectively find funding for the growing demand.

* The digital deadline race

This address the core standard in upgrading classroom AV cabling to include digital growth.

* Enterprise Audio Visual

Moving past a project by project design thinking.  Develping project plan structures and processes to accurately design, track and constantly evaluate multiple projects.

* Sketch It

3D modeling for AV.  Using Sketch It and a visual pre-design tool for concepts, users and administrators of new spaces and technologies

* VHS Retirement

These presentation were from multiple institutions and addressed the transition, removal and replacement of legacy video tape devices.  The first major classroom source device that is relatively standard in our classroom and now going away. We learned how to develop a plan for transistioning away, retaining metrics on usage and how is using, implementing strategies for removal and then communications to the users on the transition.

We completed a tour of the UNLV.  Their Campus was highly populated with newer building and cutting edge technology.  Every IT User Support staff members office had a large flat screen monitor on one wall that displayed the current FOOTPRINT TICKETS for that individual in a priority sorted order.  The monitor also displayed the Extron Global Viewer realtime.

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